13 Nerdy Ways to Exercise!

13 Nerdy Ways to Exercise!

Let’s face reality true believers…  For some of us, traditional exercise sucks!  The gym is an intimidating, crowded, and boring place.  Time and money are scarce.  Many of us are left on the fringes of a fitness world whose focus has shifted towards profit rather than health.  So what’s a nerd to do in order to get some exercise?  Are we forced to trade happiness for health by exercising in ways which don’t contribute to personal fulfillment?  Hell no!  Check out these 13 ways to meet your recommended daily physical activity requirements while having some ‘nerdy’ fun!

  1. Lightsaber dueling- Recreate the battle of Mustafar or practice your Obi-Ani Spin. You can craft your own lightsaber out of a PVC pipe wrapped in a foam pool noodle, purchase one at Target for 15 dollars, or fully invest in an Ultrasaber.  Either way, this is a great option to work up a sweat while having major galactic fun for Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, and Gray Jedi alike.saber-in-post
  1. LARPING – Live action role-playing game! Take your Dungeons and Dragons set up to the next level by acting it out. Take a D20, some foam/plastic swords, and sheilds to your local park.  Yes it takes some imagination but it’s as close as you’ll ever get to slaying trolls and vanquishing the forces of evil.
  1. Nerf Gun War/Water Gun War/Paintballing/Air Soft/Laser Tag – This can be as inexpensive (nerf/water-gun) or as expensive (paintball) as you want to make it. Play in a wooded area to make games last longer and shield yourself from the sun.

    Sparring with Hitmonlee
    Sparring with Hitmonlee
  1. Pokemon GO!– A video game that encourages physical activity, childhood nostalgia, and social interactions.  Since starting this game I’ve visited parks I didn’t know existed, made friends with strangers, and accomplished a personal dream of training my very own Charizard.  Combining video games with physical activity creates one of the only true scenarios in life where you can have your cake and eat it too!  Just make sure you walk, jog, run, skate, or ride bike to hatch your eggs.  If Ash didn’t have to drive around, neither should you!
  1. Geo-caching – A scavenger hunt for the 21st century!  Predecessor to Pokemon GO, geocaches are a way to get outdoors and adventure in different communities.  At its simplest, a ‘cache’ is hidden at a location by other players to be discovered via GPS coordinates.  Once you find the cache you can sign a logbook stating you’ve located it.  If an item is left at the cache you may take it as long as you leave an item of equal or greater value.  For more info check here.
  1. Martial Arts – Join a school near you or train by yourself at home. There are plenty of videos online which help beginners learn some basic strikes especially if your goal is to get a fun workout in.  Want to make this epic?  Grab a punching bag and play soundtrack music from your favorite fandoms.  Here’s an MCU compilation video I like to use.
  1. Join a running club – If you don’t mind running but want a good support system look for groups that meet your fandom interests. The Hogwarts Running Club is a non-profit virtual running club where you have the online support of a huge network of Harry Potter fans.  They have multiple races throughout the year of various lengths which you register for and complete at home at your own pace.  Races typically cost $25 dollars which pays for the fabulous medal you receive to mark your achievement and make a donation to a sponsored charity.  According to their website, approximately 70 cents of every dollar goes towards the charitable donation.  They’re just one example of running clubs, both virtual and live, which blend running and fandom.
  1. Have a Park-Day/play ‘non-traditional’ sports – Not into baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or soccer? Try out some different sports like ultimate frisbee, badminton, tennis, disc golf, fencing, or handball. How about extreme sports like skating, skateboarding, biking, mountain biking, street-luging, surfing, or skim-boarding?  skateboards
  1. Play Quidditch – Or at least the muggle version. While still in its early years, this sport is gaining popularity by the second and has become a staple club sport on most college campuses. For more info look here.
  1. Make a fan video – If you’re into editing, graphic design, film production, directing, etc. make your own action sequence or short film. Check out this AMAZING fan video titled, Darth Maul: Apprentice  created by  T7Production for inspiration.  While you may not have the time, skill, equipment, or budget to make a fan-film this intricate, it’s a fun way to get the proverbial creative juices (and sweat!) flowing.
  1. Go on an Adventure! – Do a quick google search for fun outdoor activities in your area. My search yielded trapeze school, trampoline sessions, indoor rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, ropes courses,  paddle boarding, kayaking, and water jet-packs all at reasonable prices and located within a 30 min drive.
  1. Spartan race/Tough Mudder/Zombie Walks – These events are usually affordable and take place multiple times a year in a variety of locations. Some of these events are timed which makes it a great way to train year round in order to best your personal record.  If running marathons and half marathons bore you, try one of these alternatives which combine the excitement of an obstacle course with the health benefits of walking/running.
  1. Walk your Pet –Don’t be selfish. Keep your furry friend healthy too!


Quick Reminder: Track your exercise intensity during these nerdy activities by following the steps from a previous post.  Starting a purposeful exercise program.

I hope you enjoyed this read!  Feel free to comment below or interact on Twitter with some nerdy activities you partake in for exercise.  I’d love to compile a second list and put out a ‘part 2’ of this article in the future!

Thanks for Reading!

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